Career Moves: How to plan for success, create value for your organization, and make yourself indispensable no matter where you work

Career Moves: How to Plan for Success, Create Value for Your Organization, and Make Yourself Indispensable No Matter Where You Work - Dondi Scumaci I received this book from Goodreads for free through their giveaway program, and was pretty thoroughly prepared for it to suck. I'm skeptical of anything that's designed for women, and the image of a high heeled shoe on one of Ms. Scumaci's earlier titles was not encouraging. On the contrary, Career Moves is awesome. I read it in a period of 48 hours, and now I'm torn between reading it again immediately or lending it to every working woman I know. The narrative that runs alongside Ms. Scumaci's advice and instruction is a little over-optimistic, but I didn't even mind. I felt inspired and refreshed - I even got to work ten minutes early today, eager to implement the strategies I read about (and punctuality is not one of my strengths).